COOP Rings Up 40% Savings On the Way to SAP HANA Implementation

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COOP Rings Up 40% Savings On the Way to SAP HANA Implementation

With the support of Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite, the Suisse COOP Group is prepared for transition to SAP HANA.

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Panaya, the leader in ERP change analytics and cloud-based testing that delivers quality assurance to implement and manage ERP application changes, has supported the COOP Group on their journey to seamless migration to SAP HANA with its upgrade from EHP5 to EHP7.

COOP is one of the biggest Swiss retail trade and wholesale companies, with 5,000 SAP users affected by the upgrade. Using Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite, COOP mitigated upgrade risk and reduced its project scope by 53 percent. COOP reduced its testing effort by 40 percent, with a 30 percent reduction in software maintenance (such as bug fixes and patches).

The COOP Group planned the upgrade to EHP 7 with the intent to eventually migrate to SAP HANA. When previously implementing EHP5, the testing had to be done manually, which was a time-consuming process.

COOP decided to implement EHP7 using a solution that supports User Acceptance Testing (UAT) from the cloud: Panaya’s CloudQuality™Suite (PCQ). Without a solution supporting UAT, the risk for errors after go live would have been high. This would have meant an additional expense of 10 man years and a cost of 500,000 Euros for the Near Zero Downtime Service process of SAP. Panaya’s CloudQuality Suite demonstrated to COOP that it could improve the testing quality as well as reduce time to the go live. 

With PCQ, COOP achieved faster migration and better testing quality, completing the project on time, within budget and with no critical errors. This was based on Panaya's best practices derived from thousands of projects and crowd-based insights put into effect as part of the COOP project.

“With the support of Panaya’s solution, we were able to import many references into the system. We haven’t done anything like that before. We were able to ensure an overall better quality of the SAP system – even beyond the upgrade,” says Davyd Däppen, Manager IT Processes Product Management ACES at COOP. “After the go live, there were no more critical errors. Our development department was excited because they were able to start with the corrections even after the first modification adjustment. For further upgrades we will definitely cooperate with Panaya again.”

The upgrade included 827 support packs with more than 181,000 references. With PCQ’s impact analysis, the project scope was narrowed down to 31,011 recommended references imported into the system.

“With experience in more than 50 SAP HANA migrations, Panaya provided the best practices and assurance COOP needed to start their path to digital transformation,” added Doron Gerstel, Panaya CEO.  “As COOP strives to provide quality, efficiency and proven value to its customers, we were proud to supply these same qualities for COOP with our PCQ solution.”


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