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CopyableCell: A Convenient Little iOS Subclass

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CopyableCell: A Convenient Little iOS Subclass

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Ah, nothing quite like slaving away trying to make tomorrow’s promised deliveries to the dulcet background accompaniment of one of those rare Vancouver riots by people who take their hockey way way too seriously. It does add a certain frisson of surreality to the evening, mind you!

But in our regular something new every day news, here’s a handy little piece for if you’d like to make your table cells copyable:

CopyableCell: A UITableViewCell Subclass for Making Cells Copyable

… Sometimes we might want to enable users to copy UITableViewCells’ content. CopyableCell class makes it easy to use a UITableViewCell with copy functionality. It’s a subclass of UITableViewCell class. Application code can interact with CopyableCell instances through the CopyableCellDelegate…



 Yes, that is a nice feature to add to one’s tables. Source is on github, check it out!


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