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CoreOS Releases Clair — Open Source Container Security Monitoring

CoreOS releases a new open source tool to monitor the security vulnerabilities of your containers.

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On November 13th, CoreOS announced a new security monitoring tool called Clair. Clair is open source, and is designed to monitor the security of containers. In addition, CoreOS’ container registry tool, Quay, will release a new feature in beta, called Security Scanning, which is powered by Clair. 

When a vulnerability is detected by Clair, a notification is automatically sent to the administrators. A severity level is assigned to it based on databases compiled by Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Debian. A description of the breach with resources to fix it is included in the notification.

This feature has already scanned millions of containers on Quay, and has discovered that nearly 80% are vulnerable to major bugs, including Heartbleed. Since CoreOS includes an automatic patch for Heartbleed, Clair will patch for Heartbleed at the container level. This only matters if OpenSSL is installed and used, of course, but Clair is not designed for that level of analysis, so teams should still dive deeper into vulnerabilities as required.

Clair is now available on GitHub.

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