Correlation One Connects Data Scientists With Top Employers

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Correlation One Connects Data Scientists With Top Employers

Vets employees for potential employers to solve the shortage of data scientists

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With close to one million jobs in the data science field, Correlation One
aims to help top companies screen, test and identify skilled data-analytics candidates

Correlation One, a matchmaker for data scientists and employers, announced today its official launch as well as its innaugural NYC Datathon. The company creates standards for evaluating the skills of data scientists via its proprietary portfolio of tests, and presents a “report card” of candidates for employers to identify the right candidates more efficiently. 

Correlation One candidates undergo a 3-5 hour test to validate a range of skills. Then, using a patent-pending resume analysis algorithm, Correlation One extracts dozens of factors from a candidate’s resume and correlates them with employer preferences. This allows the company to make matches that are customizable by industry, job type and other characteristics that ensure employers will hire optimally.

“Our data-oriented approach to recruiting allows us to relate to candidates as fellow data scientists, and not as recruiters,” said Sham Mustafa, Co-Founder & CEO at Correlation One. “We provide data scientists with access to a range of exclusive opportunities by working with prestigious employers. We are also providing opportunities for data scientists to collaborate with other data scientists at our Datathons in an effort to build a stronger community for those in the field.”  

The company will be hosting its first NYC Datathon on April 2nd at the NYU Center for Data Science from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Teams of data scientists will work to analyze a collection of exclusive data sets, and the winning teams will have a chance to present their results to judges consisting of industry leaders in finance and media.

The field of data science has grown immensely across finance, healthcare, media, energy, travel, government and other industries as computing technology has proliferated rapidly. There are currently 150,000 data scientists in the US and in the next three years there will be over 800,000 jobs in the industry, pushing up the demand for data scientists and increasing competition for employers to land top talent.  With this growing demand, Correlation One has emerged as the leader in working exclusively to connect data scientists with top-tier jobs in the market. 

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