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Cost Effective Methods for Motivating Employees

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Cost Effective Methods for Motivating Employees

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Not all businesses are in the position to offer employees rises in pay. This isn’t great news but it is worth knowing that you can motivate employees without giving them money. In fact, there are many cost effective alternatives that will benefit your company and your employees. If you’re noticing a lack in motivation, if your employees appear withdrawn, miserable and they aren’t being productive try to introduce these excellent motivational techniques.

Opening the Doors of Communication

You don’t have to create an incentive program in order to increase motivation. One of the ways to go is by communicating with employees. As a small business owner you could make a huge difference to the work force by taking the time to give each individual half an hour of your time. Pick one employee each week and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t even have to be a conversation about the business or their work. The idea behind this method is to show each worker that you value them and you have a genuine interest in the. As a result the employees are more likely to want to perform better.

Casual Days are Good News

One of the simplest ways to motivate staff is to introduce casual dress days. Once a week allow the employees to come in wearing causal clothes rather than the usual business attire. If you have a large work force you can push this idea one step further. Rather than allowing the entire company to dress casually you pick one department each week, the one who has the best performance.

Make Use of Technology

The ability to work at home has never been easier and employees like the idea of not having to come in the office. Offering a telecommuting option will go down well with your employees. They will be motivated to work hard and be able to save themselves time and money. You will have a good idea who will suit this option, so give it a try.

Team Building Activities

The idea of a team building session may seem a bit cliché but they have been proven to work. If you’re able to promote friendship within the company you’re more likely to have a workforce that stay committed to the company. They respect and support one another and they want to stay together, reducing the staff turnover and saying your money.  Take them bowling, out to the pub, paintballing, anything will do, just work to bring them together.

Invest the Money You Have in Training

Training up employees is a cost effective way to motivate your workers. They benefit by adding to their skills and qualifications. It enables them to work at a higher standard, take on new responsibilities and develop their career. They work harder for you because they know you have invested in them. Your company benefits too by having a highly trained workforce behind you. See special offers on suitable courses and start investing more in the people who work for you.

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