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CouchDB: Join Like Behavior with Link Functions

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CouchDB: Join Like Behavior with Link Functions

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I’ve been playing around with the Twitter streaming API a bit lately to see which links are being posted most frequently by the people I follow and then storing the appropriate tweets in CouchDB.

I recently came across a problem which I struggled to solve for quite a while.

Based on the following map function:

  "_id" : "_design/query",
  "views" : {
    "by_link" : {
      "map" : "function(doc){ emit(doc.actual_link, { user : doc.user.screen_name, text : doc.text })}"

Which results in the following data set:

{"id":"abf54db1d92bfe0e8aaaa9ec51f237bd","key":"http://2dboy.com/2011/02/08/ipad-launch/","value":{"user":"Nash","text":"World of Goo\u2019s iPad Launch http://instapaper.com/zzqrqw32e"}},
{"id":"b8911545ff45438671081260ae0d42b1","key":"http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_T6MpHfZv2qQ/SpKGGjsoQoI/AAAAAAAADIA/Jsa5JDqX9X0/s400/moleskine3.jpg","value":{"user":"oinonio","text":"@stephenfry a Babushka Little My? http://bit.ly/fjPg2a"}},
{"id":"be12d30d1c8b882d8ce0124585fabb19","key":"http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UAzEooLfuI8/S7aOiCBdAzI/AAAAAAAAF8Y/5W61I9VHxPE/s1600-h/deforestation.jpg","value":{"user":"ironshay","text":"A big problem caused by deforestation http://bit.ly/9qArCg"}}

What I want to do is go from…

  • Link Url 1 -> Tweet 1
  • Link Url 1 -> Tweet 2
  • Link Url 2 -> Tweet 3


  • Link Url 1 -> [Tweet 1, Tweet 2]
  • Link Url 2 -> [Tweet3]

I originally tried to use a reduce function after following Chris Chandler’s blog post but that resulted in a ‘reduce_overflow_error’.

Perryn pointed out that what I probably needed was a link function and I came across Chris Strom’s blog while trying to work out how to do that.

  "_id" : "_design/query",
  "views" : {
    "by_link" : {
      "map" : "function(doc){ emit(doc.actual_link, { user : doc.user.screen_name, text : doc.text })}"
  "lists" : {
    "index_tweets" : "function(head, req) {
     var row, last_key, tweets;
     send('{\"rows\" : [');
     while(row = getRow()) {
      if(last_key != row.key ) {
        if(last_key != 'undefined') {
          send(toJSON({key : last_key, values : tweets}));
        tweets = [];
        last_key = row.key;
     send(toJSON({key : last_key, values : tweets}));

We then call the list function with an associated view function following this pattern from CouchDB: The Definitive Guide:



Which gives the data in the required format:

{"rows" : [
{"key":"http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XdP6Lp2ceqY/TU16NvdT-RI/AAAAAAAAlb8/7QtTN-XxBTM/s400/dcrHk.jpg","values":[{"user":"jhartikainen","text":"RT @codepo8: The dark secret of PacMan: http://bit.ly/exCBDy"}, {"user":"joedevon","text":"RT @codepo8: The dark secret of PacMan: http://bit.ly/exCBDy"}]},
{"key":"http://10poundpom.blogspot.com/","values":[{"user":"10poundpomCL","text":"@andy_murray Help my #£10aWeekCharityChallenge, all it takes is a RT. Read http://10poundpom.blogspot.com/ for more."}]},
{"key":"http://10rem.net/blog/2011/02/09/enhancing-the-wpf-screen-capture-program-with-window-borders","values":[{"user":"brian_henderson","text":"Enhancing the WPF Screen Capture Program with Window Borders: by @Pete_Brown: http://bit.ly/icmXG5 #wpf #win32"},{"user":"SittenSpynne","text":"RT @Pete_Brown: Blogged: Enhancing the WPF Screen Capture Program with Window Borders http://bit.ly/icmXG5 #wpf #win32"}]}]}

Maybe there’s an even better way to solve this problem that I don’t know about…let me know if there is!

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