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Could You Get Hooked on ALM?

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Could You Get Hooked on ALM?

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[img_assist|nid=2465|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=88|height=100]Polarion Software has just put out a juicy carrot to get your Java team hooked on their ALM approach: Polarion ALM Community which, according to the company website, has the same bug tracking and CM features as their enterprise product plus a few goodies that should make for a pretty decent solution for smaller teams. Actually, it might not be so bad to get hooked on because if you look at their paid products the mobility all the way up to enterprise stuff like requirements engineering and CMMI compliance is seamless – just a matter of licensing.

Polarion is relative newcomer to the ALM tools space. They’re not that well known outside Europe yet though they do have global presence including a US subsidiary. Their customer list spans a fairly braod number of industries, and they're on the radar of Gartner and other analysts. Their approach to application lifecycle management tools is interesting - fully integrated tools (as opposed to a suite), and proprietary “value” stuff built on top of open source frameworks (Eclipse, SVN, Apache, Maven, etc.), so you don’t reinvent the wheel for various subsystems when there’s an open source alternative available. Could this approach represent the future direction of commercial software development?
(BTW- for Eclipse users, this is the company behind the Subversive Team Provide project on eclipse.org).


Currently the focus is Java development, but you can use it for other things – I manage web site projects with it, for example. Coders could easily manage application development and sources in one project, tech writers their doc sources and tasks in another, and web designers their code and tasks in yet another, and cross-link tasks, bugs and change requests across projects.

Well, you can check the carrot out for yourself: http://www.polarion.com/products/alm/comm.php


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