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Counting results with PDO

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Many developers asked me how I count the result rows from a PDO statement.
I asked them how they do it.

They answered me the following example of www.php.net:


$sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fruit WHERE calories > 100";
if ($res = $conn->query($sql)) {

/* Check the number of rows that match the SELECT statement */
if ($res->fetchColumn() > 0) {

/* Issue the real SELECT statement and work with the results */
$sql = "SELECT name FROM fruit WHERE calories > 100";
foreach ($conn->query($sql) as $row) {
print "Name: " . $row['NAME'] . "\n";
/* No rows matched -- do something else */
else {
print "No rows matched the query.";

$res = null;
$conn = null;


In some projects who I deployed recently I used the following code to count the rows:
$sQuery = "SELECT * FROM table";

$rResult = $pdo->query($sQuery)->fetchAll();
echo count($rResult);
Maybe you can use this simple lines of code yourself. Good luck with it.


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