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Cracking Mobile CRM - What Sales Reps Really Need

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Cracking Mobile CRM - What Sales Reps Really Need

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Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system applications are becoming more and more commonplace as tablet and smart phone usage increases by sales representatives; as a result, a huge benefit has been added to today’s sales rep tool kit.

Because many sales reps are often in the field on their own, easy access to a customer-centric CRM application, both offline and online regardless of cell signal, or customer environment, is paramount to sales rep, as well as customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, many CRMs, regardless of device or access point, fail to address the needs of sales people and their customers, resulting in poor usage, thus failure to meet or exceed sales goals, as is generally the intended outcome of the investment and implementation of a CRM in the first place.

Statistics show that only 24% of new CRM implementations result in acceptable levels of adaptation by the sales representatives who are supposed to use them. The reasons for such poor findings vary, and often start with complicated systems that lack sufficient training, but the biggest issue seems to be a failure on the part of the sales team members to see benefit in a system that historically has been built for executive control and oversight, rather than as a tool that would facilitate lead nurturing, customer relations, and ultimately sales.

When seen from that perspective, it should not come as a surprise to team leaders that sales people are often found to be resistant to a system that, seemingly, represents more clerical “busy work” than it does benefit sales performance in any way. 

Most sales reps understand that developing close customer relationships is imperative to making sales in today’s consumer driven market. When an “outside-in approach” (a concept introduced in a report by Forrester) to CRM helps create a customer-centered environment, sales reps are better able to understand what their prospects or customers need and want; this approach thus enables them to deliver more efficiently.

The “outside-in approach” described by Forrester IS customer-centric; this helps sales representatives create a customized page view that meets their selling motion. With intuitive insight and easy-on-the-spot access, sales reps can create a presentation that is relevant to their prospect or customer, collaborate with sales team members, stay on top of the flow of their sales funnel and update records in real time.

Top concerns for sales representatives that are using mobile CRM applications are the following:

·  Offline or online ability to access the CRM interface via the application, regardless of customer        location or cell signal access, thereby eliminating sales sabotages such as the inability to access    catalogs or pertinent product or service information at the time of presentation.

·  Fast and efficient order processing in order to convert hot prospects on the spot.

·  Easy customization of e-Catalogs for prospect and customer relations; sales reps can organize      their presentations according to the prospect at hand.

·  GPS integration to facilitate appointment attendance.

·  Integrated admin tools for quick synchronization of calendars, tasks, contacts and email, thus          enabling sales reps to track appointments, follow up, schedule or reschedule, and maintain              customer relationships from the field, as well as from the office.

·  Metrics, goal tracking, reports and dashboards that provide quick and easy access to information    that helps track sales and keep sales reps motivated.

Mobile access to CRMs, both offline and online, has been one of the biggest boosters of productivity that businesses have ever seen. Choosing a mobile CRM application for sales reps that is user friendly, as well as clearly beneficial in helping to deliver value to prospects and customers at each point of the process, is imperative to effective and beneficent CRM adaptation. 


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