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Crash Courses on Spark, IoT, Hadoop, NiFi, DataScience, and More!

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Crash Courses on Spark, IoT, Hadoop, NiFi, DataScience, and More!

Here are some great long courses on various big data topics and a few presentations from HBase Con.

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The Hadoop Summit in San Jose has produced so much awesome content.  I had one more presentation and FIVE amazing crash courses to recommend to you.

First, an interesting talk by Accenture (the R&D Labs group: AutoMated Analytics at Scale) and another great talk about the Future of Data.

Crash Course Sessions

  1. Apache Spark Crash Course
  2. IoT Crash Course with HDF and HDP with HBase, Kafka, Storm, NiFi.
  3. Apache NiFi Crash Course by Hortonworks (Slides).
  4. DataScience Crash Course (Spark,NiFi, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, R, Python, Zeppelin) by Hortonworks (Slides) (Slides).
  5. Apache Hadoop Crash Course by Hortonworks (Slides).

Multinode Hadoop Cluster Setup with Ambari and Part 2.

And my favorite slides from the recent HBaseCon 2016.

Argus is a highly scalable, time-series monitoring and alerting system built with Big Data Tools.

Finally, three new articles on HCC, demonstration new processors available in Apache NiFi 0.70.

This has been a pretty awesome week for Big Data all around.

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