Create a Simple Publish and Subscribe Client With Reappt and IBM Bluemix

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Create a Simple Publish and Subscribe Client With Reappt and IBM Bluemix

We have created a course to help you get started with Reappt and Bluemix. In this first demo, we show how easy it is to get started and then take you through building a Publish and Subscribe Client.

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Reappt is a real-time messaging solution from Push Technology, designed to enable responsive, event-driven, scalable and resilient apps. It’s available on Bluemix – IBM’s cloud development platform, and it enables Bluemix developers to build reactive applications in the cloud, faster, delivering data at extreme speed and scale over the internet.

Getting Started

We have created a course to help you get started with Reappt and Bluemix and in this first video, we show how easy it is to get started.

To begin with, you’ll need to login to IBM Bluemix. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy to sign up. Bluemix offers a free 30-day trial, with no credit card required. You get access to 2 GB of runtime and container memory to run apps, unlimited IBM services and APIs, and complimentary support.

Once you have logged into Bluemix, select the US South region and set up a space. You can call your space whatever you like. In this example, we’ll call it Reappt Demo.

Next, navigate to Reappt in the Bluemix catalog, and add the Reappt service to your space. We’ve chosen the Free version of Reappt which includes 10GB of free data per month, and 100 concurrent client connections.

Once Reappt has been added, you’ll see a link to the Reappt dashboard. This is the starting point for Reappt. You can see your service details in the panel on the left, and the user settings on the right. In the next video we’ll go into more detail about what these details and settings are used for.

Create a Simple Publish and Subscribe Client

In this next video, you will learn how to add Reappt system users, create a simple publisher client and create a simple subscriber client.

It’s a common misconception that implementing a publish/subscribe integration model is time-consuming and difficult. With Reappt, you can implement a publisher and a subscriber in under 20 lines of code.

Watch the short six-minute video, which showcases how Reappt uses a publish-subscribe integration model to deliver efficient real-time messaging and why this is different from traditional request/response data integrations.

If you have any questions about getting started on IBM Bluemix, or subscribing and publishing to clients, feel free to reach out to support@reappt.io.

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