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Create Flexible Learning Environments

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Create Flexible Learning Environments

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Hundreds of people are getting involved in planning for the future of education in Lindfield, Australia. The Sydney suburb is hosting a conversation with citizens at Lindfield’s School of the Future, focusing on education for people of all ages. Karen’s idea for life-long learning is to create a new, flexible learning environment. Free from the constraints of students’ ages and ordinary timetables, these courses would put students in real life situations, and allow them to move at their own pace.

Congratulations, Karen, on being picked for this week’s Idea of the Week!

“Blended learning structures based on interest and ability rather than age, where students can drop in an out of courses to complete their education. An open learning environment where everyone has the ability to equally contribute rather than the traditional teacher led environment. No timetable structures and independent subjects, but students working on real life projects that incorporate multiple subject areas.” – Karen

Check out this great idea: Create Flexible Learning Environments

What other cases are there of cutting-edge approaches to education?


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