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Create Image Thumbnails (Python)

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Create Image Thumbnails (Python)

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# experiments with the Python Image Library (PIL)

# free from:  http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/index.htm

# create 128x128 (max size) thumbnails of all JPEG images in the working folder

# Python23 tested    vegaseat    25feb2005

import glob
import Image

# get all the jpg files from the current folder

for infile in glob.glob("*.jpg"):
  im = Image.open(infile)
  # convert to thumbnail image

  im.thumbnail((128, 128), Image.ANTIALIAS)
  # don't save if thumbnail already exists

  if infile[0:2] != "T_":
    # prefix thumbnail file with T_

    im.save("T_" + infile, "JPEG")

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