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Create Pre-styled/populated DOM Elements

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Create Pre-styled/populated DOM Elements

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 * create a new DOM element with (optionally) specified className, CSS and text/html content
 * if text contains any markup, it's used as innerHTML value - else a child text node is attached
 * if there's also a parent node given, the new element will be appended as child node
function createStyledElement(tag, parent, cls, css, txt) {
    var el = document.createElement(tag);
    if(cls) el.className = cls;
    if(css) for(var s in css) el.style[s]=css[s];
    if(txt) {
        if (txt.indexOf('<')!=-1) el.innerHTML=txt;
        else el.appendChild(document.createTextNode(txt));
    if(parent) parent.appendChild(el);
    return el;

// usage example...
// 1st define some style params
var style1={
    background: '#def',
    color: '#f00',
    padding: '0.5em',
    border: '1px black dotted'

  'hello world!'

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