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Create UWP Apps With VB.Net and Windows Template Studio

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Create UWP Apps With VB.Net and Windows Template Studio

See how quick it is to create UWP apps in Windows Template Studio with VB.Net support and how to use the features to make it easier.

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The majority of my open source software contributions over the last few months have focused on adding VB.Net support to Windows Template Studio (WTS).

WTS is a Visual Studio extension that provides a better File>New experience when creating UWP apps. The aim is to help new developers start in a structured, conventional way that will help in the future but they may not even know to consider. It also aims to help all developers by removing some of the plumbing and code that is needed by every app.

Using the wizard is a simple, three-step process.

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File > New project dialog.

Start by selecting the project type and the framework you want to use.

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Then, add any of the predefined pages.

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Finally, add code to handle any extra features.

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It can't do everything for you and there will be some things you need to do with the generated code before everything will work as you need. To address this, the code includes comments that explain what you need to do. You'll find them in the TaskList window.

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Its usefulness doesn't just end once the project is first generated. It will also help you add to a project you've already created. Just right-click on the project in solution explorer and you can add a page or a feature.

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That's still not the end. WTS already supports five frameworks when working with C# and there's much more planned for the future, including: Xamarin.Forms support; more pages; more features; and other exciting new functionality too.

To get started using Windows Template Studio, download and install the VSIX.

Or, learn more about the project on GitHub.

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