Create a WSO2 Worker-Manager Cluster in Just 2 Minutes

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Create a WSO2 Worker-Manager Cluster in Just 2 Minutes

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I've been working on an application(WSO2 Cluster Wizard) which creates a Worker-Manager Separated cluster for a given WSO2 Product. The objective of this application is to reduce the time spent on creating clusters in developers/testing local machines. Though puppet scripts can automate the process AFAIK, no one uses puppets to create clusters in their local setups'.

This is a simple GUI application which is very easy to use. Here is a screen shot of the UI.
Basic Functionality.
  1. Creates Worker-Manager separated cluster (WKA based)
  2. Choice of enabling registry mounting
  3. Works on almost every WSO2 product
  4. Works on both Windows and Linux environments
How to use 
Run the application using java -jar ClusterWizard.jar
  1. Select the zip file of product you want to cluster
  2. Select the destination folder
  3. Fill out the Manager and Worker settings
  4. If registry mounting enabled fill out the mysql connection details
  5. Hit execute button.
Hope this will be useful, and highly appreciate your feedback. :)
In the next version I'll be hoping to add the WSO2ELB configuration support also.
Source can be found at. Github Link

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