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Creating a Mobile App Using Azure Services

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Creating a Mobile App Using Azure Services

This article takes you step-by-step through creating a mobile app using Azure.

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Here are the steps followed to create a Mobile Application using Azure Mobile Services:

Step 1:

Login into to Azure Management Portal by clicking https://portal.azure.com.

Step 2:

Click New button from the Azure Management Portal as shown below.

Image title

Step 3:

From the New blade, click Web+Mobile as shown below.

Image title

Step 4:

In the Mobile+Web Wizard, click Mobile App.

Image title

Step 5:

In the Mobile App wizard, fill out the requirements such as App name, Subscription, Resource group and App service plan, and click create button.

Image title

Step 6:

It takes some time on the Azure Management portal finally app is displayed in the dashboard.

Step 7:

Open settings and scroll down and find Quick Start option and click it.

Image title

Step 8:

In the Settings blade for the new Mobile app backend, click Quick start > your client app platform Windows(C#) > Connect a database.

Image title

Step 9:

In the Add data connection blade, click SQL Database > Create a new database, type the database Name, choose a pricing tier and then click Server and New server blade, type a unique server name in the Server name field, provide a secure Server admin login and a password.

Image title

Configure the server project

Step 1

In the Mobile app backend settings, click Quick start > your client platform (Windows(C#)).

Step 2

Under create a table API, select your backend language, either C# or Node.js

Image title

Click Browse All -> Mobile Apps -> the backend that you just created. In the mobile app settings, click Quickstart > Windows (C#). Under Configure your client Application, click Download. This downloads a complete Windows project for an app pre-configured to connect to your backend and open the project using Emulator and ‘Run App' button to build the project and start the app in the emulator.

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