Creating a Red Hat Fuse Hello World App

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Creating a Red Hat Fuse Hello World App

In this quick tutorial, you'll learn how to use this open source platform to create and integrate Java-based applications. Read on for more!

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Before you start, make sure you have installed the following software:

Setup Your Development Environment

Download and launch the installer

  • For Mac/Windows users:
    • Download the Red Hat JBoss Developer Suite here. Go to the folder where you downloaded the installer and double click on the downloaded file and kick off the installation.
  • For Linux users:
    • Download Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 11.x Stand-alone Installer from JBoss Developer Studio Software Downloads. For detail installation instruction, click here
    • Click Next on the Welcome page and choose your installation path and hit Next again.

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Check the components needed for a complete Fuse environment:

  • Red Hat Developer Studio
  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling
  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP
  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse on Apache Karaf

Click Next, Enter your credentials, and click “Download & install.”

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Wait until components are downloaded and installed. Click “Open Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

Create a New Fuse Project on OpenShift

We are going to use the built-in SpringBoot library on OpenShift template for our application. Right-click in the Project Explorer pane and select New > Fuse Integration Project.

On the Choose a Project name page, enter a project name in the Project Name field. Click Next to continue and accept the defaults for all the other fields. 

On the Select a Target Runtime page, select Next to accept all the defaults. Select the latest version available for Camel.  

The Advanced Project Setup page is where you select the pre-defined SpringBoot on OpenShift template. Select Use a Predefined Template, Expand Fuse on OpenShift.  Select SpringBoot on Openshift. The Project Type will be automatically set to Spring DSL.  

Click Finish.

The build process will be displayed at the bottom of the Advanced Project Setup page. When the build process is complete, you can see the new project in the Project Explorer pane.

Deploy and test your application.

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