Creating a Slide Show App with Core Image Transitions

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Creating a Slide Show App with Core Image Transitions

A demo slide show application is just one of the highlights from the GitHub repository behind Simon Gladman's upcoming book.

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I've been working on the Transitions chapter of my upcoming book, Core Image for Swift which includes a demo slide show application. The app allows the user to select one of a handful of the transition filters and it randomly selects images to display.

As with Filterpedia, I've open sourced the app ahead of the book's publication to give you a taster of what will be included and you can find it at my GitHub repository here

I've also pretty much completed the chapter on writing Core Image Kernels which includes a few projects: a reaction-diffusion cellular automaton system (which I've also made public and is available here on GitHub) and a cathode ray tube simulation:

Finally, if you're bored of repeating the same old boilerplate code when using GLKView to display CIImages or when grabbing still images from iOS video feeds, you may find my CoreImageHelpers project useful. It contains syntactic sugar for those two very tasks!

To keep up to date with the progress of the book, reach out to me on Twitter where I am @FlexMonkey.

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