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Creating reusable animations programmatically in Silverlight and Windows Phone

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Creating reusable animations programmatically in Silverlight and Windows Phone

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As many of you know, I answer a lot of emails regarding Windows Phone development and last week I was asked to show how to create reusable Storyboards with animations programmatically in Silverlight (Windows Phone). Of course, there are plenty tutorials in the internet, but I have decided to create my own. In a nutshell, in this post I am going to create a reusable Storyboard based on DoubleAnimation (for translate transformation), which can be applied for any instance of UIElement.

First of all, I will create a default page, add a Rectangle control to ContentPanel (Grid) and apply a new instance of TranslateTransform to rectangle’s RenderTransform property. If you are familiar with Silverlight, then you, probably, know that Rectangle control inherit from UIElement.

Rectangle rect = new Rectangle
        Fill = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Green),
        RenderTransform = new TranslateTransform()

Next step is to create a method to produce a reusable Storyboard. This method will take UIElement as parameter and return a new instance of Storyboard. Notice that within the storyboard I have modified TranslateTransform.Y property of UIElement using PropertyPath.

public Storyboard CreateAndApplyStoryboard(UIElement targetElement)
    Storyboard sb = new Storyboard();
    DoubleAnimation animation =
        new DoubleAnimation {From = 0, To = 700};
    Storyboard.SetTarget(animation, targetElement);
        new PropertyPath("(UIElement.RenderTransform).(TranslateTransform.Y)"));
    return sb;

Finally, to try that Storyboard in action, simply, call Begin method for a storyboard instance. Check my code bellow:

Storyboard sb = CreateAndApplyStoryboard(rect);

Now you can create a new instance of such storyboard for every instance that derives from UIElement class.


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