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Creating a Sheet in Sencha Touch

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"Sheet" is a floating model panel widget that animates on top of the view. The image below shows the class diagram of Ext.Sheet class. Sheet is subclass of Panel, which extends the functionality and provides flexibility to add a stack of other widgets to it. It is orientation-awareand it is a generic class for ActionSheet, Picker and MessageBox.

 Sheet Class Diagram

The example below shows the usage of Sheet in action.


// Creating a Sheet Instance using Ext.Sheet Class constructor
var sheet = new Ext.Sheet({
  height  : 70,
  stretchX: true,
  stretchY: true,
  layout: { type: 'hbox', align: 'stretch'},
  items: [{html: ""}],
        dockedItems: [{
            dock : 'right',
            xtype: 'button',
            text : 'Close',
            iconCls : 'delete',
      iconMask : true,
            handler: function () {

 We can call show() method to push the sheet to appear. Here is the output of the above code.


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