Creating the Perfect End-to-End IoT Solution and the Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure

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Creating the Perfect End-to-End IoT Solution and the Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure

Learn how pairing InfluxDB with Particle can create the perfect end-to-end IoT solution and how leveraging shared IoT infrastructure can minimize management chaos.

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Creating the Perfect End-to-End IoT Solution

If you are building an Enterprise IoT application, you need to make sure that it is easily managed, scalable, and performant. InfluxData and Particle bring to you a powerful end-to-end IoT ecosystem where you’ll benefit from faster time-to-market, lower startup costs, easy scalability & maintained performance for your IoT application. With a combined community of over 280,000, these two popular tools will help you gather metrics from your IoT devices and sensors to help you successfully manage your devices.

In this webinar, David Simmons from InfluxData and Jeff Eiden from Particle will provide you an overview of this solution with a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to get started!


No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure

As much as we have been talking about IoT solutions for what seems a fairly long time, they are really just now getting into the main stream of business and their true ROI and efficacy is just starting to be tested and proven. From hand soap monitors that tell maintenance employees when they are getting empty to indoor navigation for helping nurses find the closets crash cart, we have seen a wide gamut of fantastically creative, useful, and promising solutions.

In this webinar we will discuss the possible pitfalls, complexity, and scaling issues Commercial IoT will run into as it attempts to get into the business mainstream at scale. We will also talk about possible architectural design suggestions for using shared infrastructure to minimize the management chaos and facilitate system integration of IoT solutions. This approach has the promise to maximize business value while reducing time-to-market, risk and cost.


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