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As any other trader or sucker, I was attracted to the Foreign Exchange/Stock Market in order to make "Quick Money" :) . After losing half my initial account in FX, I learnt there is no such thing as "Quick Money".
After that huge loss, I took trading seriously, and started learning Technical Analysis and Fundamental analysis. As part of my learning, I decided to develop/programmatically make trade setups based on my understanding, which led to this rich client platform development.

Why another Trading Platform?

  • Though all brokers provide fantastic platforms, it is still hard to write your own algorithms and do whatever you want on your own.
  • A platform that helps to make risk/money management according to my needs. As I know my own strengths and weaknesses, it is easy to customize and build rules for my own needs.
  • Main reason in this is that it helps to improve my Programming skills as well as Trading skills. It took me a while to understand, mental skills and keeping thing simple is important.

Why NetBeans RCP?

As I am a Java developer, I started developing my application with Java Swing based on JFreeChart (http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/). After spending a month on this, I dropped the project realizing that developing an interactive charting ‘Good Looking (:P)’ application is going to take years with JFree Chart and Java Swing.

After a while, I stumbled across the NetBeans Platform based open source HumaiTrader (http://sourceforge.net/projects/humaitrader/). It is possibly the best free Trading platform available, but unfortunately this project is tightly coupled to its framework and also the project is dead.

This led to me creating my own trading platform, based on using (ripping) the HumaiTrader charting package. I decided to stick with NetBeans RCP because:

  • Very rich application desktop framework (rich window, rich explorer, toolbar, quick search, progress bar)
  • Pure Java Swing based framework (not like Eclipse SWT )
  • Very active community


The application's name is "CreativeTradingPlatform". Unfortunately, I cannot open source the application due to license restrictions with regard to the stock data provider.

From http://creativemohan.com/?p=103


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