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Creative Thinking: An Essential Skill for Career Development

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Creative Thinking: An Essential Skill for Career Development

Creativity doesn't just apply to the arts, but is a much needed and highly trainable skill needed even in fields like IT.

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As an HR professional, I have come across many candidates who write "creative" as one of their key skills. I can understand that most of them simply write to make their resume look attractive and populated with fancy words, but unfortunately, the majority of them have no idea what it means.

Creativity is the quality that enables us to generate a different approach to a situation and to discover a new and improved solution to the problem. Through creative thinking we understand change, learn how to create the change that benefits us personally and professionally.

During my school days, a creative person was considered as somebody who could dance, sing, paint, and act. We were convinced that creativity is something that you are born with; you either had or didn’t. While individuals may differ in their level of creativity, many scientists believe that all are born creative. But creativity is lost over the years as a result of formal training, socialization and self-inhibition.

Changes in technology have provided an insight into how creativity can be improved.  Creative thinking is needed in more areas than simply art, music and drama; it is needed for real life. Advertisement and movies are perhaps the most obvious display of creative thinking. Our everyday objects such as cars, mobile phones, AC, wallets etc. all resulted from the recognition of a need, use of creative thinking and creation. Internet is full of information that gives you a detailed insight to creative thinking. An old toothbrush can be used to clean appliances or apply hair dye.  You can use your old jeans to make a mobile holder or a tote bag. Worn out car tyres can be used as flower pots or a chair. An old mobile phone can be used as a torch or a security camera. The list is endless. 

Go to YouTube and type simple life hacks. The result is simply amazing. And we thought we could do nothing with waste items. How wrong we were. The internet is helping people discover new truths about creativity. Technology grants access to people who want to share ideas or learn new ways of doing things.

Creative thinking is a skill. It needs to be strengthened and honed into a powerful tool.  The abilities to think creatively, develop ideas and to find solutions are key components for success and a must in person. It is now sought after more than ever before. The fact is creative thinking skills can be taught, learned, and practiced.

Today people have and need to gain a better understanding about their own creativity and the concept of creative thinking and with practice can apply the skill in their personal and professional life. Some benefits of being creative include:

  • Do well in your job
  • Build a successful career
  • Shape your personality
  • Clever and fresh solutions to problems
  • Sustain friendship
  • Develop self confidence

Below are a few tips for developing creative thinking.

  • Show an interest in learning new things.
  • Expand your knowledge base. Read books, research the internet on various topics to know more about it.
  • Start thinking. Thinking generates ideas.
  • Combine different ideas into various combinations. A successful idea comes from many ideas in combination.
  • Look at the positives sides of life, personal & professional.
  • Remain calm. A calm mind can think creatively.
Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change. – Barbara Januszkiewicz
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