Criteria for Choosing the Right Open-Source Automation Tools [Presentation]

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Criteria for Choosing the Right Open-Source Automation Tools [Presentation]

When considering adopting DevOps and open-source test automation tools, it's very important to address the automation target gap.

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I recently presented a session together with my colleague Amir Rozenberg.

The subject was the shift from legacy to open-source frameworks, the motivations behind it, and the challenges of adopting open source without a clear strategy especially in the digital space that includes three layers:

  1. Open-source connectivity to a lab.
  2. Open-source and its test coverage capabilities (For example, can an open-source framework support system-level, visual analysis, real environment settings, and more?).
  3. Open-source reporting and analysis capabilities.

During the session, Amir also presented an open-source BDD/Cucumber-based test framework called Quantum.

Full presentation slides can be found here:

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