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Criticism of VMware's Cloud Strategy

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Criticism of VMware's Cloud Strategy

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This article from CIO columnist Bernard Golden offers some criticism of VMware's cloud strategy that the company is touting in the lead-up to the VMworld 2013 Conference. What is VMware doing wrong, according to Golden? A few key points:

VMware's Attitude Toward Amazon

Golden points out that VMware has recently been dismissive of Amazon's competing Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company's COO Carl Eschenbach characterizing the competing services as offerings from "a company that sells books."

According to Golden, this characterization is not just an underestimation of AWS's capabilities, but "shocking ignorance of the true state of things—or an unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious."

VMware's Attitude Toward Microsoft

Along with VMware's dismissal of competitor Amazon, Golden also believes that VMware underestimates the capabilities of Microsoft's competing Azure platform. Golden says that VMware's CEO Pat Gelsinger mischaracterizes Azure's standing in the market when he says that Azure is "a low-end effect, at the low end of the marketplace—SMB, very small, a little bit of test and dev, etc."

Golden posits that it's poor form to dismiss the competition, and that Gelsinger's portrayal of Azure's offerings is "dangerously ignorant."

Devs, Apps, and Bussiness Units Absent from VMware's Vision

Finally, Golden points out that VMware's vision is IT-centric and lacking in focus on workloads, developers, and business groups. "To say this blindness to the role of developers and business units is disturbing is to vastly understate it. After all, it's not like the growing importance of applications is a secret," Golden says.

What do you think?

Is VMware right in dismissing its competition? Does it really have the best product on the block, or should it take Amazon's and Microsoft's products seriously?

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