CrossBrowserTesting Joins the SmartBear Family

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CrossBrowserTesting Joins the SmartBear Family

Today, after weeks of keeping the news a secret, we are excited to announce that SmartBear Software has acquired CrossBrowserTesting.

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Today, after weeks of keeping the news a secret, we are excited to announce that SmartBear Software has acquired CrossBrowserTesting.CBT Logo

The Challenge

The rapid development of mobile and other digital technologies has necessitated an Agile and DevOps process. In such an environment, developers and QA teams are often responsible for building, maintaining, and running tests using popular open source tools such as Selenium and Appium. Such teams can be successful in achieving optimal test coverage only when test infrastructure contains a combination of diverse browser and operating systems, is reliably available on an as-needed basis, and can scale as per the dynamic needs of the team.

Setting up an in-house test infrastructure that meets these needs however can often be a challenging, time taking, and costly process.

Who is CrossBrowserTesting?

CrossBrowserTesting provides a highly secure, scalable, and flexible Web and mobile cloud testing platform containing more than 1,500 real browsers in 65 operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. CrossBrowserTesting enables Agile development teams and QA teams to eliminate the cost, time, and effort traditionally involved with creating and maintaining in-house testing infrastructure for real mobile and desktop browser applications.

Along with running visual tests for finding layout issues, using CrossBrowserTesting, customers can perform manual testing or access popular open source testing tools such as Selenium and Appium to run automated cross-browser/mobile tests.

Why Are We Excited?

Opportunity to turn CrossBrowserTesting into a cloud testing powerhouse:

CrossBrowserTesting has a kickass product. With one subscription, you get access to running cross-browser Selenium tests, mobile web Appium tests, manual tests, as well as visual tests over 1500 real browsers in 65 operating systems.

Other than free beer/food and a swanky new office, we intend to provide CrossBrowserTesting immediate access to the resources and technology they need to innovate and accelerate the product development process.

CrossBrowserTesting offers a solution that is already loved by more than 200,000 users. We intend to build upon that awesome product to turn CrossBrowserTesting into a cloud testing powerhouse.

The Cultural Fit:

We can’t wait to work together with the folks at CrossBrowserTesting. Whether it’s their competing-to-win mentality, commitment to customer success, or their no BS, work hard and play harder attitude, both firms have huge similarities when it comes to culture.

If that’s not enough, both firms have a shared mission of turning CrossBrowserTesting into the #1 cloud testing platform in the world.

The Team:  

Over and over again, we see how larger firms end up destroying smaller companies after acquisition. Well if that is what came to your mind after reading this acquisition, let me stop you right there. The entire team of CrossBrowserTesting, including all three co-founders, Ken Hamric, Tony Colston and Mike Bowen will be joining the SmartBear family. In fact, to give them full autonomy, CrossBrowserTesting will continue to be maintained as a standalone service.

With Ken, Tony, and Mike joining SmartBear, we now have three more awesome people driving our testing business here. Some of the already well know celebrities here include the likes of Tony Tam, the creator of Swagger and Ole Lensmar, creator of open source API testing tool SoapUI.

Our Open Source Commitment:  

We are a big fan of open source. Our support towards Selenium project, along with our open source offering SoapUI and Swagger are testament to that fact. The support for Selenium and Appium testing in CrossBrowserTesting align perfectly with our vision of providing more value through these open source tools.

Who Should Be Worried?

We look forward to going against Sauce Labs and BrowserStack in the coming weeks.

With its origins at the center of Southern barbecue in Memphis, Tennessee, the sauce of CrossBrowserTesting can be a notch above the sauce currently being offered by Sauce Labs.

In fact, we’re confident that the exhaustive range of browsers and devices bought to the table by CrossBrowserTesting, along with  SmartBear’s experience in the try-and-buy model, enables us to offer a level of service and functionality that’s unmatched by other competitors.

What Do We Look To Do With CrossBrowserTesting?

We intend to maintain CrossBrowserTesting as a standalone service, while providing the resources and investments necessary to help CrossBrowserTesting to build a bigger and better business much faster.

What Is The Impact for SmartBear Customers?

Over time, the acquisition opens up a slew of new capabilities for SmartBear’s customers, as they will be able to overcome test environment management challenges, along with speeding up test creation and maintenance through existing SmartBear testing tools. For now, you can give CrossBrowserTesting a try here.

Ken From CrossBrowserTesting Shares Why He Chose SmartBear

I sat with Ken, cofounder of CrossBrowserTesting, to discuss his thoughts on the acquisition and his upcoming plans. Ken also spoke about origins of CrossBrowserTesting, the growth of CrossBrowserTesting to over 210,000 users, and why did he decided to go with SmartBear. You can watch the interview below:

To end, we want to offer a very warm welcome to CrossBrowserTesting. Welcome to the SmartBear family!  We are excited to have you here. 

Have additional questions about the acquisition? Please contact Nikhil Kaul, Product Marketing Manager for SmartBear at nikhil.kaul@smartbear.com.

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