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Is a crowdfunding stock market inevitable?

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Is a crowdfunding stock market inevitable?

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It seems at the moment that there are crowdfunding sites popping up all the time.  Earlier this year, UK innovation group Nesta created a directory of the civic crowdfunding sites operating in the UK, and the directory launched with over 30 such sites in operation.  When applied globally, it’s believed that there are around 550 crowdfunding sites in operation, with more launching every week.

With such a wide variety of sites on the market it seems inevitable that some sort of consolidation will occur as the industry attempts to overcome excess fragmentation.  After all, it’s increasingly difficult for investors to find noteworthy projects when they’re spread across so many different sites.

One site that’s attempting to help simplify things is Seederella.com.  It’s a search engine/directory for crowdfunding projects from around the web.

Launched in 2012 it aims to be a single repository for the best projects, whether they’re offering equity, rewards or donations.  Users can filter projects based on the size of goal, the projects location, how long they have remaining and various other criteria.

With an increasing number of niche sites emerging in the crowdfunding area, sites that can pull it all together will be increasingly important.  Whilst a notable attempt, I’m not sure Seederella is quite that site, at least not yet.

It is certainly a much needed facility though, and hopefully over time it will become fine tuned.  Ran Weiss, the sites founder, hopes that eventually the site will be akin to the largest stock exchange in the world.

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