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At the back end of last year I posed the question of whether there was a limit to the kind of things that could be opened up to the crowd.  It came after a number of businesses emerged that were trying to crowdsource a range of business related tasks, from business planning to consulting.

Riding this trend is ChiefMO.co, a new site that aims to crowdsource the Chief Marketing Officer role.  The site has been developed by web design agency One Sharp Design, and claims to offer a one stop shop for marketing strategy and execution, which is a heady claim indeed.

Camille Moyes, co-owner of One Sharp Design said, “We knew there was a need in our marketplace for transparency. Agencies will claim that they are everything to everyone when in fact branding may be their only strong suit.”

She continued, “The client ultimately pays the price and gets frustrated with some aspect of their marketing experience. We take the time to vet expert tacticians in all areas of marketing: SEO, PPC, Video Development, Content Writing, Design, etc. We believe that the better way to execute marketing is to focus on deliverables instead of hours.”

The company report that each interested client goes through a session they call marketing therapy, whereby they’re told what they should be doing with their marketing, and how this can be achieved.  All of this magic is done in a 2 hour session that can be completed online or offline.

Providing the client is happy, ChiefMO.co then crowdsource people to put that plan into action, with the client then billed directly by the person delivering the service from the crowd.

I suppose the thing that stands out right away is that this isn’t really crowdsourcing marketing strategy in any way shape or form, so calling it a crowdsourcing of the CMO role is really over-egging the pudding a whole lot.  I also have to question how good an idea of ones marketing needs can be ascertained from a 2 hour consultation.

The cynic in me thinks that this is simply an example of a company jumping on the crowdsourcing bandwagon, although I very much look forward to being proved wrong on this one.

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