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How to Create a CRUD Application in 90 Seconds

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How to Create a CRUD Application in 90 Seconds

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In the screencast below, I demonstrate how to build a CRUD web application, using NetBeans IDE 8.0.1, which interacts with a back-end database. 

The application provides you with the ability to view and modify data contained in the database - otherwise referred to as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality. 

To get started from scratch, i.e., the database does not contains any pre-existing tables, the JPA Modeler plugin is used for entity class generation.

After you generate the entity classes,  you can create the web interface for displaying and modifying the data by using the JSF Pages from Entity Classes wizard to create JSF managed beans and EJBs for the entity classes, as well as a set of Primefaces Facelets pages to handle the views for entity class data. 

About the JPA Modeler Plugin

JPA Modeler assists software developers to create, design and edit java persistence application business model visually as graphical diagram. It automates Java code generation (JPA 2.0) from JPA Class Diagrams, enables the importation of database tables into entity diagrams, and also supports existing JPA classes via reverse engineering. 

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