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CSS3 Animation Made Simple with Move.js

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CSS3 Animation Made Simple with Move.js

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Move.js is a cool JavaScript library that makes CSS3 animations simple and elegant by implementing a JavaScript syntax with tons of built-in easing functions.

With Move.js, you can do a complex CSS3 animation like a translate to the point (500px, 200px), rotate it by 180deg, scale it by .5, skew it, and alter colors within a 2-second duration with the following simple markup:
  .to(500, 200)
  .set('background-color', '#888')
  .set('border-color', 'black')
  .skew(50, -10)
    .set('opacity', 0)
Simple, huh? The same animation would be huge and unwieldy in standard CSS, but Move.js makes it simple and elegant.

Check out Move.js on GitHub.


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