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CSS3 Transitions: A Small Tutorial

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  • "Transition" refers to a change of the state of an object.
  • In CSS3 we can show the transition of an object using a transition property. Variations of this property for different browsers are:  transition,-moz-transition, -moz-transform ,-webkit-transition, -webkit-transform,-o-transition.
  • The other transition properties have duration, property, delay and timing functions to control the CSS3 transition.

Testing CSS3 Transition:-

  • The HTML CSS3 transition code css3Demo.html ,
    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <title>CSS3 Transition Demo</title>
                div.name {
                    border:4px solid red;
                    transition:border 2s, border-radius 2s, color 2s;
                    -moz-transition:border 2s, border-radius 2s;
                    -webkit-transition:border 2s, border-radius 2s;
                    -o-transition:border 2s, border-radius 2s;
                div.name:hover {
                    border:4px solid yellow;
            <div class="name">SANDEEP</div>
  • Firebug Inspection ,


  • It displays the square on "LOAD" of HTML page,
  • On "HOVER" of that div element the transition occurs and becomes round with change in border radius,color and border style. The result will look like:

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