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Cube Drone Comic: Work Attire, Sun Tzu, and PHP

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Cube Drone Comic: Work Attire, Sun Tzu, and PHP

This collection of Cube Drone comics pokes fun at bad GitHub commit messages, developer work attire, PHP, and buzzword-filled stand up meetings.

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Utils Considered Harmful

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Developer Pro-Tip: When you read 'utils', mentally substitute it with 'things n' stuff' or 'misc'. Then don't name it any of those things.

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Amazon launched the Echo!

Finally! Technology that I can interact with by yelling at it!


GitHub Red Flags

I intentionally included a lot of fun GitHub Red Flags in this comic.

node_modules, .idea, .DS_Store

It is considered a coding faux-pas to include any of the following in your repo:

  • generated files (the output of a scss=>css transformation)
  • the output of compilation (a /bin directory)
  • external libraries (a /node_modules directory)
  • editor files (a .vimrc, .idea, or Visual Studio customizations)
  • unrelated files from your operating system.

Bad Commit Messages

asdfjkl;a is a terrible commit message.

Very Big Commits

asdfjkl;a also touches a lot of files. There are lots of reasons why small commits are a good idea. The biggest ones for me, though, is that it makes commit messages more readable and it makes rebasing way easier.

utils, tools, misc, stuff, things

These words all mean the same thing: "I could not think of a good name for this." Try your best to think of a better name. Try your best to remove these words from your vocabulary. You can do it. You will write better code for it. Read Clean Code. Remember that there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one-errors.


Say it with me, now: Every repo needs a readme! It should explain what the project is, any dependencies, how to install it, how to run it, and what it will do when it is run, at the very least.

Do you have more Github Red Flags? Tweet them at me, @classam!

Art of War

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If I had less self control, this comic would be 100% ripping on PHP.

Share Url: http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/art-of-war

Chinese Watercolour

So, while I was working on this comic I spent a lot of time looking up chinese watercolour-and-ink art online. Looking at it from the perspective of a cartoonist, many of the compositions have clean, smooth, perfect brushstrokes, not a single unnecessary line - the sort of gorgeous minimalism you also see from talented animators, or master cartoonists. When someone is in a position where they must make every brush stroke thousands of times, they often learn to make a beautiful composition out of very little.

I want to imagine a programming analogue for this. Maybe a talented programmer looking at a powerful and expensive Hadoop cluster and writing an equivalent, faster service as a short shell command.

Can you think of more examples of minimalistic mastery? Tweet them at me, @classam!


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PAX: Steven Universe costume.

Share Url: http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/sartorial

Words With Colours

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No, that's Anastasia. No, that's an aesthetician. No, that's anaesthetic.

Share Url: http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/words-with-colours

Earnest Bloviating

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All corporate meetings appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real meetings, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Share Url: http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/earnest-bloviating

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