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Curious about Cassandra DB Unit Testing? Here's a Tip...

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If you’re curious about Cassandra DB, but don’t quite know how to run it with unit-tests, here’s a little tip for you. Below is a simplistic Scala code-snippet that will start Cassandra as an embedded service (unless it is already running) and pick up the Cassandra configs from your src/test/resources directory (you’ll want your storage-conf.xml and log4j.properties there):

Now you can just start Cassandra by calling EmbeddedCassandraService.start, and a new server process will start unless one is already running.

I found the starts of this snippet on the web, I can’t remember where, but I believe it was in the Akka source code, and I just took it and adapted it a little to work better in my workspace..

Below is the CassandraClient convenience class that I have created and that is used in the sample:


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