Custom Made #002: Russell Villemez - "Digital transformation" You're thinking about it all wrong!

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Custom Made #002: Russell Villemez - "Digital transformation" You're thinking about it all wrong!

Guest Russell Villemez talks about how the term digital transformation is being used incorrectly, and how he helps companies going through change.

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Welcome to Custom Made - our new weekly podcast that explores the many traits of successful product development. 

For this weeks episode of Custom Made I'm joined by Russell Villemez, Snr Partner and Head of Technology Strategy here at Dialexa. 

Russell is a longtime Affiliate with The Feld Group Institute with experience coming from 17 years in operational roles such as serving as the Enterprise Services CTO for the Americas at HP, and as a CIO in the telecom space. From the other side of the table, Russell has also spent 15 years as a partner at various consulting firms.

Russell thrives on the scale and complexity of leading major change agendas in large corporate environments. And in his role at Dialexa as Head of Technology Strategy, Russell provides technology transformation leadership to companies experiencing periods of major change.

During our discussion, we address the concept of digital transformation and how so many companies are using this concept incorrectly. 'Digital Transformation' should not be seen as a buzzword, a fad, or something new to add to your priorities - but rather it, and your transformation strategy, needs be part of an organization’s always-on day-to-day life.

Russell outlines how organizations have not been paying enough attention to their technology ecosystem "hairball" that is continuously growing. And he goes on to share how technology leaders need to have active plans for change, modernization and decommissioning of their technology systems - otherwise, they will face disruption.

To help you begin to think about your organization's digital transformation strategy Russell ran a webinar on How to successfully jump-start an organization's digital transformation efforts by identifying a beachhead. You can watch the full recording of Russell's webinar below:

In this latest episode of Custom Made on digital transformation, we cover everything from:

During our conversation Russell mentions a number of resources, here are some quick links to check them out:

You can catch Russell's full Custom Made episode here:

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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