CX Platform Enables Developers to Focus on Apps for Customers

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CX Platform Enables Developers to Focus on Apps for Customers

Leaders in customer experience management are collaborating, laggards are not.

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I had the opportunity to meet with Ronell Hugh, Head of Product Strategy and Marketing for the Adobe Experience Platform during Adobe Summit 2019 to discuss the results of research they conducted with 1,000 U.S, IT decision makers. 

Here are the key findings of the survey:

  • Grappling with Challenges to Achieve a Single View of the Customer: IT teams report it’s critical to create a single view of the customer, with 22% willing to sacrifice budget to achieve this. However, top challenges preventing a single view of the customer include difficulty integrating legacy systems with new digital ones (38%), data silos (37%), departmental silos (32%) and lack of shared vision across their company (30%).  
  • Opportunity to Better Harness AI for Efficiency: There’s a disconnect between business and IT teams around AI, with only half responding positively about the efficacy of their AI/ML solutions. Nearly 90% of IT leaders see their use of AI/ML increasing in the future.
  • A Collaboration Conundrum: While closer collaboration between IT and business teams has been widely championed, IT teams report increased collaboration with teams around customer experience data has a negative impact. Fewer than 2/3 feel that they are doing well in cleaning data, integrating data sources, or using data to personalize customer experiences.
  • Time for Innovation Among Top Concerns: IT leaders report data security is their top concern (47%), followed by implementing AI/ML (40%), driving innovation and implementing new tech (40%), a single view of the customer (35%) and regulatory compliance (34%).Image title

Following up on these findings, we discussed how Adobe helps solve these problems. According to Ronnell, a key piece of Adobe's Experience Platform is the open and extensible API platform that makes it easier to develop on a platform that can be leveraged across multiple vectors. Our audience is the CIO, and we work with them on how to establish the infrastructure with massive development and engineering teams so they can get a single view of the customer and egress data via API integrations. The platform provides developers with the tools they need to aggregate the data necessary to provide a holistic view of the customer.

Hugh is seeing more collaboration between marketing and IT since customer experience management (CXM) requires the two to work together. He sees the CTO getting involved with the marketing strategy. Leaders in CXM are collaborating, laggards are not. It's important for those pushing in the edge. It used to be the marketer had to get the CTO's approval to buy new technology. Now, both are involved in the decision to own the data and manage the infrastructure.

Manufacturing companies tend to be more of a laggard while healthcare, media, entertainment, and automotive tend to be more progressive. There's great interest in what they can do with a CX platform, especially when they learn the platform helps with data security and privacy since it was designed to provide peace of mind. Businesses know they need to earn their customers' trust and confidence to deliver a positive experience. And research from Forrester shows there's a 1.4X lift in customer revenue growth when they have a positive customer experience.

Ronell's advice for developers getting involved in the development of CX applications is to consider the foundation and infrastructure that will be necessary to get started to bring together all of the data in the enterprise to help inform and develop the right applications. Now there is an open platform embedded with AI/ML, and developers can focus on building applications to serve and provide value to their customers.

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