Cypress vs. Selenium WebDriver: Better, Or Just Different? [Video]

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Cypress vs. Selenium WebDriver: Better, Or Just Different? [Video]

Is Cypress.io better at cross-browser performance testing than Selenium WebDriver, or just different? Watch this recorded webinar video to find out.

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A video comparison of Selenium Webdriver and Cypress.io.

“Is Cypress better than Selenium WebDriver? I get asked this a lot.
Frankly, the easiest path of a ‘this vs. that’ talk is to try and find out which is "best."
But I will not take that path.
Instead, I will try and explain how Cypress is different from Selenium WebDriver.”
— Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect @ Applitools

There’s a new claim to the throne of functional test automation tools: Cypress.io.

Is Cypress fast? Yes. Is Cypress interactive? Yep. Is Cypress reliable? You bet. And best of all…it’s cool!

But is Cypress an alternative to Selenium WebDriver?

In this webinar, Sr. Architect Gil Tayar will take an in-depth look at both Cypress and Selenium WebDriver: he will demonstrate how to write Cypress test, how it’s used, and discuss how these two tools differ.

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This session covers the following topics:

  • How and why do frontend developers write tests
  • Selenium architecture
  • Cypress architecture
  • Live demo of Cypress
  • How Cypress deals with flakiness
  • Cypress and backdoors to development
  • Visual testing using Cypress

Gil’s Slide Deck

Full Webinar Recording

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