Dabbling in Docker-Compose

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Dabbling in Docker-Compose

Thinking of adding separate containers to your MongoDB? Here's a quick how-to of how to get them up and running.

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I'm starting to dabble with docker-compose to link up some container goodness. If you've followed my other Docker-related posts the past couple of days (here), then you might have noticed that I have something Raspberry-Pi-related cooking. 

Although I'll have to redo these with Pi-compatible base images, to get MongoDB running in one container with a separate data volume container is actually pretty simple. Here's what I ended up with. To start it up, 'docker-compose up -d' and you're up and running (copy this to docker-compose.yml):

    image: mongo:3.2
        - /data/db
    entrypoint: /bin/bash
    image: mongo:3.2
        - mongodata
        - "27017:27017"
container, mongodb

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