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Daily Dose - Cassandra 0.7 Complete

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Daily Dose - Cassandra 0.7 Complete

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A new version of Apache Cassandra is available today.  New features include large row support (up to two billion columns per row), secondary indexes, and online schema changes.  Secondary indexes allow the querying of data through node-local storage on the client side while the automated schema changes from the client API allow you to add and modify object definitions without a cluster restart.

MongoDB 1.8 Preview
Mathias Meyer blogs this week admitting that data durability is an area where MongoDB could stand to improve.  Therefore, the developers have added a new durability option in the latest 1.7 branch, and these features may become default in 1.8.  It certainly helps when you kill your database pretty harshly.

MySpace Layoffs
Today, MySpace will be laying off half of its employees (about 550) due to restructuring and removing legacy business divisions.  The social network (now mainly for musicians) is also looking for a buyer such as a private equity firm or Yahoo.  It's quite a feat that MySpace has lasted as long as it has after its losing effort against Facebook.

Verizon iPhone
The time has finally come.  Verizon will announce the first CDMA iPhone today.  This move has been speculated about and predicted for years now and it's hard to believe that the day has finally arrived.  It couldn't come any sooner for Apple, now that multiple sources are reporting that Android phones are now ahead of the iPhone in market share.

Inspecting HotSpot JVM Options
Learn the method for inspecting the comprehensive set of HotSpot JVM options and some examples comparing different outputs.  Many thanks to Zahid Qureshi for bringing us this link.

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