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Daily Dose - Will NetBeans Have to Remove JUnit?

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Daily Dose - Will NetBeans Have to Remove JUnit?

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NetBeans Platform Architect Jaroslav Tulach recently posted some surprising news on the JUnit Yahoo Group.  "We have new lawyers," he said, and they're concerned about the JUnit license—the Common Public License, which is a bit dated in Tulach's opinion.  The NetBeans developers are holding back the next release and are prepared to remove JUnit from the IDE if the JUnit developers can't add a second license (Tulach suggest the EPL) or replace the CPL.  JUnit is a crucial piece for Java development Tulach said, and it would be silly not to have it in the standard installation, but that's what could happen.

Weld 1.1 Solidified
Based on the CDI 1.0 API, Weld 1.1 has reached GA status.  Weld is the reference implementation for Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 6.  The major changes to this release include 140 bugfixes, easier view-layer integrations, a new pastecode example, significant memory usage improvements, and the ability to exclude classes from scanning and deployment as beans by Weld.  JBoss also just released version 1.0.4 of the CDI TCK.

Scala Wins Funding from Europe!
The European Research Council, a department of the EU, has agreed to pay €2.3 million to the Scala project over the next five years.  This funding will allow the project to double the size of its team!  The focus of this funding will be to surmount some of the challenges surrounding parallel programming.  Congratulations, Scala!

jQuery 1.5 Beta Hits the Wires
Not only is jQuery's 5th birthday this week, it's also the week of the jQuery 1.5 Beta 1 release.  Although it may seem like 1.5 GA is far away, the tendencies of jQuery's release schedule indicate that a release candidate will be out in ten days and the final release is expected by the end of the month.  New features include memory leak fixes, performance improvements, better cross-browser compatibility, a rewritten Ajax module, and the ability to subclass jQuery.

Apple Says Steve Jobs Will Take a New Medical Leave
A year and a half after his liver transplant, Steve Jobs is having health problems once again.

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