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The W3C released an official logo today for HTML5 (and web workers, and CSS3, and SVG, and WOFF, and everything under the sun).  The 5-sheild logo looks pretty cool to most people, but blogger Jeremy Keith laments the promotion of HTML5's ambiguity from the very source of the specification.  For more info on the logo, the W3C has a dedicated FAQ, and they're even selling t-shirts.  

FF4 Reaches Ninth Beta
With a GA release expected before the end of February, Mozilla has moved to Beta 9 this week.  The changes from Beta 8 to Beta 9 include a faster startup, an overhaul of the bookmarks and history code, and per-compartment garbage collection.  IndexedDB has been added as the new standard database.

Appcelerator Acquires Aptana
Aptana is a PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript IDE.  Today, Appcelerator, the company that builds the cross-platform mobile development framework Titanium, acquired Aptana.  Appcelerator says that the Aptana user-base coincides closely with the Titanium users.  Combined, the two user-bases equal more than 1.5 million.

Cassandra Company Riptano Changes Name
In April Johnathan Ellis, a leader of the Apache Cassandra project, and Matt Pfeil founded Riptano—a Cassandra services company with a sweet Rhino logo.  Pfeil says that the name was chosen from a random name generator and the company decided, because of their recent growth, to go with a name that more closely reflected their activities.  For example, their first product will be OpsCenter: a Cassandra management suite.  Another NoSQL company that recently changed its name was CouchOne; previously known as Couchio.

50 Best Java Interview Questions
Getting ready for that big job interview?  Make sure you can at least answer all of these questions first.  An excellent link by Sandeep Bhandari!

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