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Daily Dose - Weld Extensions 3.0 Beta 1 Now Available; Renamed "Seam Solder"

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Daily Dose - Weld Extensions 3.0 Beta 1 Now Available; Renamed "Seam Solder"

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Early on there was some confusion about what Weld Extensions is and how it differs from Weld, and how it fits into Seam.  Well JBoss is clearing up some confusion with a renaming of the project to "Seam Solder," although they emphasize that this technology is not just for Seam.  Solder (which is what they call it for short) is "a library of portable CDI utilities for use in developing applications, frameworks and other extensions based on CDI (JSR-299)." Weld represents the stronger conjoining, so either Weld or some other CDI reference implementation is required for extensions.  Solder is not required for CDI extensions, but they can greatly benefit from the reinforcement that it provides.  For more info on the 3.0 Beta 1 release of Seam Solder, you can look here.

Gingerbread Recipe Released
It's time for all developers to go out and bake some "Gingerbread."  Of course, I'm referring to Android 2.3 "Gingerbread," which is now fully available for open source development with this week's source code release.  The new OS version, which was release earlier this month, features a new concurrent garbage collector, new native APIs, optimized event handling, and support for VP8 and WebM.

EGit and JGit Both Hit 0.10
JGit and EGit had concurrent 0.10 releases this week.  EGit (found in Eclipse Helios) adds support Rebase and Pull in branches while JGit comes with a new histogram diff algorithm.  This improves the readability of diffs and also adds native support for HTTP digest and basic authentication methods.

PostgreSQL 8.1 Update
Version 8.1.23 of PostgreSQL has been updated this week with over 170 bugfixes.  The fixes address memory leaks, standby issues, and replication functions.  The default method in Linux for backing up write ahead logs has been changed to fdatasync in this update.  In spite of these fixes, the PostgreSQL team suggests that you migrate to version 9.0.

Gradle 0.9 Released
Andres Almiray posted the announcement for the release of the next Gradle update!

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