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Daily Dose - Git Usage Spreads Through JBoss and SpringSource

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Daily Dose - Git Usage Spreads Through JBoss and SpringSource

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A lot of interest is moving towards Git and leaving Subversion for big names in Java like JBoss and SpringSource.  Spring recently wrote two articles covering Git usage in the Spring developer community, while JBoss recently migrated several projects to Git hosting.  This even included supremely popular projects like Hibernate.  Soon, it may not be prudent to avoid Git in favor of CVS or Subversion.

Screenshot GUI Testing w/Sikuli
Complete with a visual scripting API for Jython and an IDE for these scripts, Sikuli is a new automated GUI testing tool that uses screenshots.  The tool has reached RC 1 and is close to a final release.  If you use Sikuli, you will be abile to programatically control web pages, desktop apps, or iPhone apps running in an emulator for automated tests.

Spring Web Services 2 Nearly Finished
The second release candidate for Spring Web Services 2.0 is now available.  The biggest change is the updating of the Spring-WS XML namespace.  The namespace contains <sws:annotation-driven/> and <sws:interceptors/> elements, plus <sws:static-wsdl/> and <sws:dynamic-wsdl/> which are used for exporting WSDLs.

Appl e Police Shut Down Sales of the Steve Jobs Action Figure
About a month ago, the Chinese manufacturer M.I.C. started selling a Steve Jobs action figure for $79.90.  Of course, Apple's lawyers shut that down pretty quick, but several of the figurines went up for sale on ebay, selling for nearly $2,500 in some cases.  That too was shut down by Apple, who asked that ebay shut down any auctions for these action figures.

10+ Coolest Upcoming Gadgets of 2011
Get the scoop on 2011's new wigetry.

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