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Daily Dose - No More IDEs in F#'s Future?

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Daily Dose - No More IDEs in F#'s Future?

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Bitbucket is for the code that takes us to Mars, decodes the human genome, or drives your next car. What will your code do? Get started with Bitbucket today, it's free.

MonoDevelop has recently added support for the recently open sourced F# .NET programming language.  Mono is the likely steward of the language, as they are the most active open source .NET technology shop.  However, they may be the last IDE to add support for the relatively young language since Eclipse support is dying and WebMatrix is a more casual developer tool.  Features for MonoDevelop's F# plugin include tool tips, identifier completion, and background type-checking.

Go Goes 2.1
The ThoughtWorks Studios continuous deployment software - recently renamed "Go" - is at version 2.1 this month with features like CI as a service provisioning, OpenSocial, and support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.  Behold the first video-integrating Dose, where Jez Humble explains the changes in Go.

PyCharm 1.1 Released with 1.5 Features
Instead of releasing version 1.5 of the PyCharm Python IDE, JetBrains renamed the release 1.1 in preparation for 2011.  The new release includes several productivity features that were added across IntelliJ IDEA in version 10.  There is also support for doctests and nose tests.  py.test framework support has been updated to the latest version. 

The SEC Looks Into Hurd's Exodus to Oracle
After going quiet for some time, the controversy surrounding former HP CEO Mark Hurd's departure is flaring up again.  The Wall Street Journal says that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether Hurd shared information about HP's EDS acquisition with Oracle, where he is now president. 

Building Large-Scale jQuery Applications
Check out this tutorial, which looks at the end-to-end tools and options you have for building large-scale enterprise jQuery applications.

Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams who code with a purpose, not just as a hobby. Get started today, it's free.


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