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Daily Dose - Apple and App Makers Sued For Unauthorized Tracking

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Daily Dose - Apple and App Makers Sued For Unauthorized Tracking

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Affected customers have just sued Apple and other iOS app makers including Pandora and Dictionary.com for allegedly letting advertisers create iOS user profiles without customer knowledge or consent.  These profiles included location information according to the plaintiffs.  They argue that Apple is responsible for stopping apps that do this in their app store screening process.

Opera Releases Android Widget Runtime
Using APIs based on the WAC (Wholesale Applications Community) 1.0 spec, Opera has built an alpha version of their Android widget runtime, which is now available here.  The alpha runs on version 2.1 or later.  The WAC APIs can access device hardware such as GPS, accelerometer, and camera.

The Pylons Project Welcomes TurboGears

TurboGears is a web development "megaframework" that features a full stack for creating extensible, database-driven apps.  The project just announced that they will now be merging into the Pylons project, which is a lightweight Python web framework.  TurboGears was already built on top of the Pylons framework, so the merger makes sense and should benefit the Pylons projects.

WordPress 3.1 on the Cusp of Release
The WordPress 3.1 web publishing platform has reached release candidate status this week with no known bugs.  The platform should undergo a few more weeks of user base testing before it goes GA.  With this release, users will be able to set formatting on a post-by-post basis and run enhanced queries.  The Tiny MCE editor has been updated, there's a new admin bar, and the administration system has new Ajax-y features.

Beyond Java
Mike Gualtieri of Forrester strongly asserts that Java is a dead end for enterprises and business software should be built with something else.

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