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Daily Dose - WP7 Marketplace Surpasses Palm's WebOS Store in Less Than 3 Months

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Today, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace recorded more than 5k applications in the store, which is just above the number in Palm's WebOS app store.  While the WebOS store has had 1.5 years to mature, WP7 has taken less than three months to reach 5k.  The app store has a long way to go if it wants reach Android (100k) or iPhone (300k) levels, but this is a promising start.

JSR-310 (Dates and Times) Still Moving Forward
Even though he's not happy with the state of the JCP, Stephen Colebourne says he's not going to abandon his work as the spec lead for JSR-310, which is an effort to improve the Java SE date and time library.  His rationale was that he still had absolute control over his own spec: "The upside is that the process of the JCP provides all the power to the specification lead. So, since I, and Michael Nascimento, are the specification leads for JSR-310, we have all the power :-)"  Colebourne says he's going to continue his work on JSR-310 and target Java SE 8, which is due out sometime in late 2012.

First Honeycomb Tablet Announcement Next Week
A teaser video is reporting that Motorola's 10-inch Android slate, will debut at next week's CES conference.  The tablet is expected to run Android 2.4 (possibly named 3.0) - codename: "Honeycomb."  The name of the tablet was just revealed - Motorola has named it the Droid Xoom.  This is probably the same tablet we saw at the D conference earlier this month.  Here's the video:

Russia Government will Run on Linux By 2015
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says Russia has begun planning a major migration of the Russian government's IT infrastructure from Windows to Linux.  The process is expected to begin next year in mid-2011 and finish by 2015.  The decision was made some time ago in favor of the practicality of open source.

An anonymous coder confesses a grievous sin
From the guy who brought you "Mongo DB is web scale" and "All The Cool Kids Use Ruby" comes the story about AZ&Z, the yPhone, and "The Drop" Algorithm.

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