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Daily Dose - Rymer's "Future of Java"

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Daily Dose - Rymer's "Future of Java"

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John Rymer of Forrester Research blogged today about his research and predictions for the future of Java SE and the Java ecosystem.  "Java's future in the enterprise is alive and well but limited," he said.  "Oracle's plans so far fail to address Java platforms' inherent complexity, which remains Java's Achilles' heel in head-to-head competition with Microsoft's.NET."  However, Rymer believes that Oracle is now determined to direct its innovation in core Java towards the needs of its enterprise customers, alienating "Java alpha geeks" who he expects will take their energy to places like Apache.  Rymer also notes that less students are learning Java as their first language.  As Java becomes less of a client-side language, Rymer expects that "over time, developers will begin to view Java as a server-side language for enterprises — like COBOL."  It's an interesting read, but is it too pessimistic?

HBase 0.9 Adds Over 1000 Fixes and Enhancements
This announcement kind of got overshadowed last week with Cassandra (a competing NoSQL) having its 0.7 release, but its important that HBase, which is based off Google's internal MapReduce system, is going strong too with a recent release of version 0.9.  The new version just added 1000 updates that add durability and stability to the data store.  There was also a master rewrite, the addition of Bloom filters, bul loading improvements, inter-cluster/inter-DB replication, and performance improvements.

GSoC 2011 - The Process Begins Anew
The 2011 Google Summer of Code program has just been announced and it's almost time already for mentoring organizations to begin submitting applications.  The timeline has been created for this year's program and the mentoring organizations will have between February 28 and March 11 to submit their applications.  The student period opens on March 28 and the application deadline is April 8, so start getting ready.

Clojure 1.3 Brings the Heat
Carlo Sciolla recently reviewed the alpha 4 release of Clojure 1.3—the next major release for the Lisp-y JVM language.  This version will feature a big performance boost with extended support for native types.  The results of Sciolla's benchmarks are pretty mind-blowing.  Clojure 1.3 was about 4.5 times faster than Clojure 1.2 and it was nearly as fast as Java.

Moving from Java to Scala - One year later...
So… was it a good idea?  Daniel Korzekwa's link reveals all!

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