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Daily Dose - What's New in Emacs 24?

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Daily Dose - What's New in Emacs 24?

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As the nightly builds for Emacs 24 start to churn out, developers can expect some cool new features.  These features include UI changes, custom themes, bidirectional support, clipboards enabled by default, new version control support, and a create-animated-image function.  The current builds are bleeding-edge, so expect a good deal of breakage in the months to come.

Skype Finally Delivers Video Calls, But China Bans Them
The Great Firewall has encircled Skype this week as a Chinese newspaper declared that all internet phone services outside of two state-run telecoms were now illegal in the country.  That was the week's bad news for Skype as they now join Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on the government's blacklist.  However, for those of us who can still enjoy the free services of Skype, video chat is now available for iOS devices, Macs, and Windows.  It didn't take long for Skype to compete with FaceTime.

OSI Not Happy About Novell Acquisition
Just a few days after the Novell acquisition was announced, open source advocate Florian Mueller blew the whistle on a second party, CPTN, who acquired a bundle of Novell's patents in addition to Attachmate, the main buyer of Novell.  It turns out that CPTN is a consortium created by Microsoft that includes Apple, EMC, and Oracle - four of the most ruthless patent-stick wielders in the tech industry.  So as a response, the Open Source Initiative has asked the German Federal Cartel Office to investigate this acquisition further.  There may not be much chance that this action goes anywhere, but it's significant that it is the first time the OSI has asked regulators to investigate an acquisition of open source IP.

LibreOffice Matures Further
The second release candidate for the OpenOffice fork, LibreOffice, is now available.  The developers now consider LibreOffice to be beta quality.  The changes include performance improvements, updated translations, build process improvements, and corrected URLs.  Over 80 people have contributed to the project. 

How to turn MySQL into blazing fast NoSQL
Edd Dumbill explains how to Bypass the SQL parser to use MySQL's raw speed.

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