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Daily Dose - A Year Later, Where Are They Now? - Sun Departures

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Daily Dose - A Year Later, Where Are They Now? - Sun Departures

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2010 was a year of exodus for many Sun employees who disliked the new corporate philosophy under Oracle.  The blogger Pelegri has compiled a list of companies that former Sun employees have gone to or started themselves since the acquisition, nearly one year ago.  Some notable companies included ForgeRock, a strong open source organization where Simon Phipps now works, and CloudBees, where Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi works.  I couldn't find any employees who had gone to Microsoft, and only one, Tim Marsland, had joined Apple.

Will Honeycomb Arrive in March?
Android 2.4 (possibly named 3.0) could arrive before the end of Q1 this year according to a Taiwanese newspaper, the Digitimes.  The rumor was mentioned in passing: "MSI is ... prepared to sell an Nvidia Tegra 2-based model in April or May after Google releases Android 3.0 in March."  Although there's little evidence to support this claim, it does make sense that Google would launch it in the first quarter since Motorola's Xoom tablet has already ramped up it's marketing.

Gradle 0.9.1 Follow-Up
Some minor bugfixes have been added to the recent Gradle 0.9 release.  A new feature of the Groovy-based build system is a mavenLocal() method that adds a repository to look for dependencies in the local Maven cache.  It uses the Maven settings.xml file to locate the cache.

Apache Chides WANdisco
Apache has posted a response to some recent WANdisco press releases and blogs about the Subversion project.  WANdisco provides software and services around the open source Subversion project, and is a committer to Subversion, as you would expect.  The statements that disturbed Apache included the company's implication that they were the project's creator and that they are the corporate leader of the project.  WANdisco has also criticized so-called "trivial" contributions that raise developer stats and they say that they are pushing bold and controversial enhancements into the project against opposition.  Apache must've been very upset by WANdisco's statements since they took the time to write a full rebuttal on their official blog.

Java Bytecode Fundamentals
Read this post to take more advantage of the bytecode instrumentation and analysis provided by some frameworks.  Anton Arhipov posted this rockin' link.

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