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Daily Dose - OODT - The First Apache TLP Inductee of 2011

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Daily Dose - OODT - The First Apache TLP Inductee of 2011

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Apache OODT (Object-Oriented Data Technology) was originally developed in 1998 at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  This week, the project was accepted as a top-level project (TLP).  The software will provide database linking, processing workflow, and hardware/file management.  The project committers call it "metadata for middleware".

WANdisco Responds to Apache
Speaking of Apache, WANdisco quickly responded to the foundation's blog which lashed out at WANdisco for some aggressive statements.  WANdisco CEO David Richards said that he was clear in saying that his company did not take credit for creating Subversion.  He also said that his comment "'I am sure we will face cynicism from some factions of the Subversion project,' is NOT referring to any individual or group of committers."  I guess he's assuming that there will be a group (faction) of committers that will be cynical?  The comments all seem to be pretty skeptical of Richards' explanations.  You can make your own conclusions.

Mac App Store Opens
As Apple debuts the Mac App Store this week, iOS developers will move into the space occupied by traditional Mac developers who sold software through traditional methods at traditional prices ($20-$60).  Although you won't see games like Air Hockey and Angry Birds competing with larger games like World of Warcraft (a game that people will still play $40 for, plus monthly fees), the opening could have an impact on some Mac developers that have failed to adapt to Apple's changing strategies.

Amazon's Android App Store
The rumors from October were confirmed this week as Amazon announced its plans to create there own store to aggregate Android applications.  The store will actually include other smartphone platforms, but initially it will release only in the US and only for the Android platform.  Amazon thinks it can make good Android apps more findable than the current marketplace.

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